Xiao Zi Shan (孝子山平溪) Hiking Trail

Well this time I’m gonna review about yesterday hiking. This one to Xiaozi Shan (孝子山) and the start up trail is located near by  Pingxi (平溪) old street, Taiwan. so you can enjoy to fly lantern in pingxi old street once you finish hiking.


Xiaozi mountain has two neighbour peaks; Cimu peak (慈母山) and Zhongyang  peak where each peaks has different kind of difficulty.They all have sheer-rock faced peaks with awesome views of the surrounding mountains and the Pingxi valley.



Guide to the hiking trail

First peak : Xiaozi Shan



The hiking trail start from here. it’s quite difficult to find since there is no any sign. But actually it is located right beside public rest room with small water fall beside it and just across from pingxi station


Starting point for the first peak, Xiaozi shan mountain


The best part of first peak (I think) where there is a ladder with a slope of nearly 90 degrees



Almost the peak

Finally we are here at the first peak of Xiaozi shan, we can enjoy a great view.

Second peak : Cimu peak (慈母山)


way to cimu peak


see the view behind us (not us :mrgreen: ) from cimu peak

Third Peak : Zhongyang  peak


Way to Zhongyang peak





Almost at the peak


View from peak



so tadaaaaa that was an awesome journey for me :mrgreen:

Name: Xiaozi Shan Hiking Trail / 孝子山登山步道 / Xiàozǐ shān dēngshān bùdào
Location: Jing’an Second Road, Pingxi, New Taipei City / 新北市平溪靜安路二段

How to get there

METRO TAIPEI (MRT): take MRT in wenhu line to Muzha Station then  take Bus 795 direct to Pingxi ( opposite road 40+ minutes)
TRAIN: For an even more scenic journey take a regular TRA train from Taipei Main Station or Songhsan Station to Ruifang Station (瑞芳), then switch to the Pingxi Line (平溪線) tourist train to Pingxi. (Make sure to check times as this line operates less regularly)


Have a nice day ^^

I’ll come back with another journey


















































































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